Embroidery Service

Your designs, illustrations or photos can be turned into beautiful embroidery in 3 easy steps. 

Step One 

Send a scanned scaled image of your design via email.

Step Two 

Agree colours and price. Send in your fabric ready to be embroidered!

Step Three 

With embroidery complete your fabric will be mailed back to you. 


The embroidery price is calculated per hour on the machine plus a set human fee for the time spent converting your design. You will be charged for the return postage of the fabric.

£12 per hour machine fee + £10 human fee per design

For example an embroidery approx. 15cm by 10cm taking 10mins will cost £2 machine fee + £10 human fee = £12 in total plus P&P

(metallic threads charged at £1 extra per design depending on quantity)