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I honestly can't understand why someone would not want a pompom jumper....or sweater...or whatever. Doesn't it just make you feel happy??? maybe just me...

This is one of my top 3 things I wish to make this summer hols. I have 5 glorious weeks off for summer (don't moan all you 9-5's....) *double brackets* ((full disclosure for new readers...I am a teacher)).

Next on the wish list is THIS rainbow number. I dare someone to wear this and NOT be happy...I mean come on! Trouble is, where do I track down this fabric...pompom sweater is one thing but rainbow glitter fabric??? I am going to have to do some serious hunting for this. what point can you get fired for unprofessional teaching attire I wonder????

Last but not least I would spend my summer wish on a denim jacket with FULL pansy embroidered sleeves. Not by hand of course! (because i think I would die) but by embroidery machine...the one that's currently sitting in my crap hole of a car boot....because I am super organised with my life :)

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  • Rose Honick

So normally when I am sitting there thinking of what to sew...I'm normally thinking..."what is the most I can get away with at work". If your confused, I am a textiles secondary school teacher....brave some people might say...but what can I say I got balls...sewing balls.

I bought the fabric ages ago at The Great British Sewing Bee and knew it had to be something for the hot english weather (you can't laugh now!'s bloody hot!) Previously when I have made cleo's I always found when I am running up the stairs between the DT and Food rooms I am restricted by my cleo on the amount of stairs I can leap at once....very important when you have 25 students waiting to cook...or sew...or cut wood.

So BOOM that's when I thought....."let's gather this..."

I basically just cut the length of the dress just above the hip line and gathered a strip of fabric. Ideally I would have liked to gather this a bit more but I made this out of 1m of I was A BIT restricted. Everything else was basically the same!

Next time I think I would make the dress more fitting by taking out some side fabric and inserting a zip...but otherwise...I love the parrots...WHO WOULDN'T!?!?!

  • Rose Honick

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